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Broken links

How broken links affect your website?

Every day, new webpages are made and old ones stop existing or move to new locations. This causes links to these pages to stop working, preventing your visitors to access content that they were promised. Broken links reduce the usability of your webpage and will result in your visitors leaving. Broken links also damage your website rankings with major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), reducing your visibility and online presence.

What can you do about it?

Some websites ask their visitors to "report problems" with their website. While this is valid strategy, visitors rarely bother to report such issues. This is where LinkMonkey comes in. LinkMonkey searches your webpages for broken links and shows where on your webpage are they located, so they can be fixed easily and without hassle.

Why LinkMonkey?

Most broken link tools are searching for links in raw source code of the websites they inspect. But modern webpages are dynamic: Javascript, Ajax calls and responsive CSS are used to render page content in real-time. This content is beyond reach of standard analysis techniques.

LinkMonkey simulates user interaction with webpage using a web browser and applies various deep content inspection techniques to find broken links that other tools do not. Additionally, location of the broken links is shown along with context, making repairing them a breeze.

Get LinkMonkey

Free version

You can try out LinkMonkey for free! The free version of the application is limited to 500 webpages per check, which should be plenty for small websites. If you enjoy using LinkMonkey, consider buying the premium version.

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Premium version

To unlock the full capabilities of LinkMonkey, upgrade to premium version. Premium version lifts all limitations imposed by the free version and offers email support.

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